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Updated: 9 December, 2000


Cross Green

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St. Hilda's




18th September 1882

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North-west pillar memorial to Mother Agnes Logan STEWART (carved in 1986 by John SHAW). Book of Rememberance (1986 as a memorial to Canon John Cuthbert HOUGHTON - Vicar 1955 - 1974). Font of Frosterly marble donated 1882 by Miss OUTHWAITE. 25 foot Canopy erected 1938 in memory of former vicar Canon J. S. WILLIMOTT. (Designed by W. H. WOOD). The reredos & Altar in the Lady Chapel came from the temporary iron Church, in use before the present church was built. Stations of the Cross erected in 1919. Organ by ABBOTT & SMITH installed 1891 (costing £250). Chiming Clock near organ left in 1927 to St. Hilda's by the Rev. Gerlad KIRWAN, formerly chaplain of Armley Gaol. North Chapel dedicated to St. Paulinus who baptised St. Hilda in 627. Banners: That of St. Hilda made in 1917 (designed by Ninian COMPER). That of St. Lawrence recently restored by Mrs. Lily SMITH. Wooden Eagle Lecturn provided in memory of George FRYER, first organist at St. Hildas (died 1884). In the nave is a statue of St. Hilda (by Alfred SOUTHWICK) donated in 1938 by George CALVERLEY, Churchwarden, in memory of hisd daughter Gertrude Mary. The statue shows St. Hilda as the Mother of her Abbey at Whitby. The snakes at her feet help to identify her. Legend has it that snakes used to inhabit the cliffs at Whitby, but she banished them. The fell to the rocks below where they can still be picked up to this day!. Memorial stones exist on the floor with inscriptions, covering the ashed of persons named thereon.

Stained glass: East Window made between 1891 & 1902 by BURLISSON & GRYLLS. Erected as a memorial to Mother Agnes STEWART. The figures are Christ, St. Oswlad, St. Alban, Our Lady, St. George, St. Edmund, St. Columba, St. Aidan, St. Hilda, St. Cuthbert & St. Bede. Window in the Lady Chapel erected 1905 by BURLISSON & GRYLLS. IT depicts the Archangels St. Michael & St. Gabriel. Inscription reads. "Ego sum Michael Angelius Domn, Ego Sum Gabriel Angelus Domn".






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St. Hildas Church