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Ordnance Survey Map Ref: 218-01

1891 Leeds - Churches/Chapels/Cemeteries

Churches / Places of Worskhip









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ALL with Cemeteries / Graveyards
ALL Conformists
ALL Non-Conformists
All Hallows' Church (Kings Road) Church of England
Baptist Chapel (Hollis Place)
Catholic Apostilic Church (Seats for 500) (Cromer Road) Catholic
Congregational Chapel (Queen Street)
Congregational Chapel (Woodsley Road)
Ebenezer Chapel (Disused) (Branch Road)
Emmanuel Church (Seats for 750) (Cavendish Road)
Friends Meeting House (Upper Townend Street) Quaker
Leeds General Cemetery Mixed
Leeds Grammar School Chapel (Reservoir Street)
Methodist Chapel (Burley Road) Free United
Methodist Chapel (Cardigan Road) New Connexion
Methodist Chapel (Caroline Street) Free United
Methodist Chapel (Hanover Square) Wesleyan
Methodist Chapel (Hyde Park Road) Wesleyan
Methodist Chapel (Newlay Street) Wesleyan
Methodist Chapel (Spenceley Street) Free United
Methodist Chapel (St Matthias's Street) Wesleyan
Methodist Chapel (Ventnor Street) New Connexion
Methodist Chapel (Woodhouse Lane) Methodist
Mission Hall (New Lloyd Street)
Mission Hall (Newlay Street)
Misson Hall (Park Court)
Mission Room (Back Park Street)
New Jerusalem Chapel (West Hilary Street) Swedenborgian
North Hall Mission Room  
Oxford Place Chapel Wesleyan
Rebethe Chapel Primitive Methodist
Presbyterian Chapel (Seats for 850) (Cavendish Road)
St. Andrew's  
St George's Church (Great George Street)
St. Matthias's Church (Burley Road)  
St Paul's Church (St Paul's Place)
St Philip's Church (Wellington Street)
St. Simon's Church (Ventnor Street)



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