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Page last updated: December 4, 2005

December 7, 20052005
07DEC2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Atha, Holmes
Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Horne, Parkin, Roberts, Terry
02DEC2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Beck, Best
26NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Lupton, Mahoney, Sheriff
24NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Pankhurst, Potts, Naylor
22NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Drury, Evans, Thompson
21NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Rayner
18NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Carter, Cawood, Firth, Ingham, Reynard, Rennard, Reynard, Roberts,
17NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Cliff, Fieldhouse, Porteus, Richardson
16NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Brooke, Brown, Butler- Hollings, Holmes, Kelly, McCullah, Leeds, Snowdon,
14NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Byron, Foster, Hill, Hinchliffe, Horner, Kitson, Longbotham (Longbottom), Noble, Waddington
12NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Holdsworth, McCullah, Rushworth(forth), Thornton
09NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Johnson, Mosley, Smith
07NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> McGill (email change), Middleton
06NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Dalby, Keeble
05NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Conyers, Shaw
01NOV2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Birt, Hopkins, Hudson, Leggett, Thompson
27OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Taylor, Jackson
23OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Silverwood
20OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Oldroyd, Thackrah
19OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Fox, Haddock, Hargraves
16OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Agnew, Barden, Sharp, Varley
13OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Brook, Chadwick
09OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Yeadon
08OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Briggs, Driver, Saxton, Upton, Walls, Williamson, Wright (x2)
01OCT2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Ra(i)nsley, Smith, Wray
27SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Grayston
25SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bortoft, Frost, Gulley, Meeson, Scruton, Webster
23SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Leathley
15SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Harper, Smith, Taylor , Waite
12SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Anakin, Annakin, Annikin
11SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Wigglesworth
10SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Elliott, Topham
07SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Brannan, Butler
06SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Firth, Wigglesworth
02SEP2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Baker, Rooke
23AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Kay, Newby, Swales
22AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Rollisson
21AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Buckroyd, Hanson, Knowles, Milthorp, Place, Scott
16AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Thompson
14AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Abe, Clements
10AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Frankland
08AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Broadhead, Cliff, Crossley, Walker
02AUG2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bowden, Jennings, Longfellow
30JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Benn, Breckon
28JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Lapham, Peat
25JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hollywood, Ward, Yeadon
23JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Emsley, Halstead, Marsland
21JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Dain, Stubbs
18JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Baldwin, Barr, Gill, Mackey, Perkins, Shoesmith
06JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hezelgrave
05JULY2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Naylor, Peat, Steele, Wilkes/Wilks
30JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Murphy
28JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bulmer, Gillott, Kelley, Wright
26JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Abbey, Hawksby, Jackson, Lindley, Oddy, Rippon
26JUNE2005 Really nice day at York Familey Histroy Fair, good so see so many old friends
25JUNE2005 1861 Census Project Updated Today and now stands at 106,000+ entries
22JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Harrison, McDonnell
21JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bilton, Hinchliffe, Thornton
20JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Cowlam, Handley, Mathers
18JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hall
14JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hunter, Link, Threapleton, Whittaker
10JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Arandale, Jaques, Leeds, Mabbett, Rothery
05JUNE2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bayles, Champlin, Green, Dean, Dennell, Dent, Haydn, Hinchliffe, Holdsworth, Hutchinson, Ibbetson, Matterson, Mortimer, Saffer, Walker, Wells
31May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Dibb, Hallett , Jennings, Little, Pearson
28May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Allsop, Fearnside, Topham
24May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Tarpey
22May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Flannery
19May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Long, Brook, Horsbrough, Waites
17May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Goodall, Mandam
16May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Burniston, Claughton, Dobson, Mitchell, Priestley
10May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Barber, Dewhirst/Dewhurst, Rigby, Womersley
05May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Breckin, Hockland
04May2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hanson
28Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Dewdney, Simpson, Webber
24Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Askham, Barrett, Bray, Dickenson, Dolan, Hardcastle, Hargrave, O'Hara, Larkins, Noades, Sharp, Toulon, Whitaker
24Apr2005 Thanks for your patience the main problem seems to have been overcome, but please check your entries particularly the W's if there are any problems just resubmit entry and I will sort it.
20Apr2005 A technical problem is preventing the succesful update of the names pages, we hope to have it sorted soon. If you have submitted a name it will appear on the list a.s.a.p. Keep checking the News page.
17Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Ford, Staples, Swan
15Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hawk(e)sworth, Larkins, O'Hara, Oliver, Sainter, Wild
13Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Gawthorp, Laverick, Robinson, Saxton
10Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Rawson
07Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Cale, Cromb, Houghton, Linsell, Richmond, Tomlinson, Warman
05Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hague, Kaye, Terrington
05Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Mapals/Maples
04Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Carlton, Longstaff(e), McDowell
01Apr2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> 46 new surnames were added during March
31Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Duce, Gavins, Hartley, North
29Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bennett, Senior
24Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Eaton, Featherstone, Hough, Watson
22Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Draper
20Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Cavell, Jackson, Learoyd, Longbottom
19Mar2005 It was good to see all our old friends at the Pudsey FH Show, a great success for us, due in part to the launch of our latest offerings, 1841 Census Project CD and Visitation of Yorkshire CD.
18Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Drake, Haxton, Kitchingman
17Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Jackson
15Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Hoy
15Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Kirby, Walker, Wooler
13Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions>Collins, Fothergill, Gale,
11Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Rooke
09Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Stokehill
07Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Garside, Harrison, Mayer, Smales, Swift
02Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bellhouse, Bottomley, Ellison, Harper, Lenaghan, McHugh, Morley, Musgrave, Pickersgill
01Mar2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Abbott, Lonsdale, McCullah, Walker
26Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Bounds, Cromack, Kirkby
23Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Buckle, Layton, Leach, Mcgowan, Musgrave, Newall, Varley
19Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Russell, Wade
17Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Ellis
16Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Fotherby, ODonnell
15Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Reavett/Reavitt
14Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Garriott, Pawsey, Weldrake, Whitaker
10Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Chappell, Emsley, Glenton, Hemsley, Miller, Nichols, Pickford, Stead, Turner, Windsor
08Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Beeforth, Brown, Hague, Parkin, Turton
06Febv2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Brown, Mawson, Rhodes, Swift, Wensley
04Feb2005 Added/Updated Surname Submissions> Burton, Carr, Webster, Womersly
01Feb2005 Added Surname Submissions> Fearnside, Gath, Lee, Leyland, Sadler
30Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Bellhouse, Godfrey
28Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Asquith ( updated e-mail). Hardisty
27Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Charlesworth, Day, Dobson, Parsons
25Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Farrar, Kitching, Standeaven, Wilcock
24Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Kissack, Whitham
23Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Atack, Nickson, Slater
20Jan2005 Updated Surname Submissions> Kirlew, Mchugh, Morley (updated contact e-mails)
20Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Rhodes
18Jan2005 Updated Churches> St Theresa of the Child Jesus (site Link added)
17Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Patrick, Rhodes, Spellman, Whinn, Wood
17Jan2005 Updated Surname Submissions> Boys, Boyce Boyes, Brownhill
15Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Buckroyd, Cale, Firth, Gaythorpe, Gough, Hirst, Knapton , Stockdale, Younghusband
12Jan2005 Updated Churches>St Jude, (Photo Added)
12Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Baldwin, Rhodes .. Updated> Viney (new e-mail)
09Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Crossley, Wood
07Jan2005 Added Surname Submissions> Caine, Chamberlain, Cunningham, Gledhill, Hayes, Hurley, Keyworth, Leaf, Longley, Plowes, Scarle, Ward, Welbourn (Updated),
Jan2005 Happy New Year Everyone. We are off to a slow start due to changing platforms, so thank you for your patience. Things should be now back to normal.
30DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Batty, Blakeley, Crabtree, Meegan, Moore
29DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Dagless, Lister, Pagdin
28DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Blakey, Bowser, Gibbon, Re(a)dman
27DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Chadwick, Colman, Connell, Harrison, Hynd(e)s, Keith, Kirk, Walsh
20DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Wells
19DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Hullah, Setterington
16DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Galfskiy
14DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Agha, Burton, Webster, Womersley, Yeomans
12DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Levi, Strangeway
10DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Allinson, Hainsworth
08DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Evans
06DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Hustwaite, Huthwaite
05DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Green, Sugden
04DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> Howitt, Kay
01DEC2004Added Surname Submissions> There were 66 Surname submissions during the month of November
30NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Dobson
29NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Atkinson, Crew, Dever, Ellis, Morley, Scruton, Taylor
27NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Berry, Benn, Brabiner (updated), Holmes (updated), Nottingham,
26NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Brier, Francis, Holmes, Jordan, Leavock, Odonnell, Stark, Strickland, Taylor
25NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Holdsworth, Lee
24NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Lobley
23NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Smiles
22NOV2004UPDATED: Churches > St James Woodside Horsforth, (new web address) Thanks William
22NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Balmforth, Beech, Beevers, Bramham, Clemmitt, Grainger, Leaf, Levett, McHale, Sardaski, Schofield, Shepard
17NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Heath, Roberts
16NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Graveley, Hardaker, Stead
14NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Bedford, Brooksbank, Daniel, Gardiner, Morris, Smithson, Tolson, Townsend, Watson, Woolley
11NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Gledhill, Jones
11NOV2004Publications> 1891 Cenus Project "3 Edition" 375,000+ entries, this update is due to Collaboration with the Y.A.S. see home page
09NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Holmes, Tennant
07NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Jubb, North,
04NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Champlin, McGill
03NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Booker, Child, Gholoni, Hancock, Oddy, Priestley
02NOV2004Added Surname Submissions> Hart, Hickson, Jones
31OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> 59 Surnames were submitted to the site during October
31OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Gardiner
30OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Noon, Potter, Threapleton
29OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Joyce, Yeadon
28OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Coghill/Coggill, Nettleton, Steele, Williamson
27OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Allen, Greenwood, Hartley, Scholes, Smith
26OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Allport, Appleby, Stephenson
25OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Blackston, Marshall, Weightman
21OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Barwise, Burns, Hargreave, Willans
21OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Tolson
20OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Demaine, Gray, King, Tindall, Viner
19OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Blakey, Dibb, Heard, Renton
18OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Beaumont, Power, Stansfield
17OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Meanock, Whitehead, Wood
17OCT 2004Updated: Churches > Calverley Methodist, new link to the Home page of the chapels website. (Thank you Ruth)
13OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bointon, Brewer, Dix, Hirst, Holmes, Meechan, Northcott, Spence
10OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Byrom. Santon
05OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Brook, Kell, Leibrich, Wichbold
04OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cowgill, Large
03OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Lorryman, Ramerofsky, Snowdon
01OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> There were 35 added surname submissions in September
01OCT 2004Added Surname Submissions> Whitham
28SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Lucas
27SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Crossley, Hughes, Stabler
26SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Fieldhouse, Hemingway, Odam, Richardson
24SEP 2004There are a few problems being experienced on the site at the moment with regards the "Shopping Cart", hopefully most will be resolved when Paypal comes back on line this afternoon and the rest cleared up by this evening.
24SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Barker, Gott, Saxton, Wilkinson
23SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Clisby, Walker
18SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ellis, Mc/MacGregor, Moulson, Toomes, Woodlock
15SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Whitfield
14SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Jaques
12SEP 2004Articles Page> Due to popular request a list of the Abbreviations used on this site has been posted on the Articles page
12SEP 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Sexton (e-mail change)
12SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Burnett, Cardus, Hansel, Harker
10SEP 20041891 Census Project Update Now On Sale, covering 30 piece numbers 209,000 + entries
06SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Jackson
05SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Critcheson, Holmes
03SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Brophy
02SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Boughton, Falkingham, Parker
01SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> Briggs, Fleetwood, White
01SEP 2004Added Surname Submissions> There were 33 new surname submissions during the month of August
31AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bulmer, Hartley, Hunn, Kavanagh, Rhodes
30AUG 2004Methods Of Payment> When paying through "Nochex" please ensure you "tick the box" allowing for your address to be forwarded to us so that we are able to dispatch the products to you.
30AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Fatkin
26AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cassidy, Melody
24AUG 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Killingbeck (contact details changed)
24AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Arthur, Belton, Bottomley, Eastburn, Gillott, Nunns, Pickard, Pride, Tillotson, Whitaker
18AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Key, Megilley, Needham
17AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Hartley, Kirkby, Sexton
15AUG 2004Added: Churches > Burmantofts Congregational (Shakespeare Street) (Further info would be appreciated for this entry)
15AUG 2004Updated: Churches > Mount St Mary Richmond Hill
14AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Spindley
12AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Gaimster, Hardisty, McPheat
10AUG 2004Updated: Churches > St James, Leeds (Photograph added) St Anne's Cathedral (Photograph Added) St Stephens, Kirkstall (Photgraph Added) St Margaret Horsforth (Photograph added) Mill Hill Chapel (Photograph Added)
10AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Morrison
07AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cookson
01AUG 2004Updated: Churches > St Patricks, Quarry Hill
01AUG 2004 Project Update> A further 50,000+ names will be added to the 1891 Census Project in September bringing it to 200,000+.We are hoping to have it ready for the Gateshead Family History Fair on September 11th.
01AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> 34 submissions were added during the month of July.
01AUG 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ja(c)ques, McMillan, Peniston
29JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Derwick
29JUL 2004Updated: Churches > St Peters Leeds :- Records field updated
28JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Shevill
26JUL 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Leary
26JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Stainbank
25JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Baines, Baynes, McGough, Verity
23JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions>Tempest, Musgrave, Vevers
21JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions>Austin, Field
20JUL 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Sugden
19JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions>Fearn, Fern(e), Freer, Walton
15JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Charlesworth
12JUL 2004There is now a Quick Update box on the home page, showing the current state of each of our ongoing projects.
12JUL 2004 Unfortunately it has become necessary to make changes to the method of inputting entries onto our Message Board, each message will now be vetted prior to being posted, this is to prevent abuse of the board by certain individuals. We apologise in advance for any incovenience, but it is an unavoidable measure to protect our genuine subscribers.
12JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Dawson
11JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ainley, Carr, Throp
08JUL 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Firth
08JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Chapman, Curedale, Cuerdale, Cuerdall, Curedall, Darnborough, Keuerdale, MIddleton, Sidebottom, Thurwell
06JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Oates
03JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Coleman
01JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> There were 31 submission during the month of June
01JUL 2004Added Surname Submissions> Layfield
29JUN 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Holroyd
27JUN 2004Nice to see everyone at the York Family History Fair yesterday, it was a great day. See you all again next year.
27JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions>Smirthwaite
25JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Penny, Selby
24JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Lascelles, Lord
23JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Newton
23JUN 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Clapham, Sidebottom, Whilesmith
22JUN 2004New Product> Leeds & District Burials CD (£10) will be on sale 26th June 2004 York Family History Fair
22JUN 2004Special Offers at our stall (432, 2nd Floor) at the Yorks Fair 26th June>1891 Census CD's £1:50
22JUN 2004Special Offers at our stall (432, 2nd Floor) at the Yorks Fair 26th June> Annals of Yorks 3 volume set only £6
22JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Clough, Rhodes, Rimington
21JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Foster, Hansborough, Widdop
20JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Allnutt, Pawson.
17JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ellerton
15JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Apsey, Hullah
13JUN 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Atha
13JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bulger, Callaghan, Fortescue, Leaford, Pullan, Rider, Stephens, Taylor, White
03JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Neal
01JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> Craven, Cowlam, Fellow(e)s, Webster
01JUN 2004Added Surname Submissions> There were 35 Surname Submission's during the month of May
29MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ackroyd
28MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Braithwaite, Lin(d)ley
25MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Hinchliffe, Richardson, Roberts, Scholay, Turney, Wager, Wear
22MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bowran
20MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Sever
18MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Blakey, Kilbride
16MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Morritt, Sunter, Thornton
14MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> McGorie, Pawson, Robinson, Weet
12MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Crunkhurn/horn
11MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Lawrence
09MAY 2004Map Publications> A key to each of our published maps has been placed on the Publications page, some of these are large files and patience is required when downloading
09MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cartwright, Kirk, Trippit
04MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ainley, Alderson, Charnock, Harrison, Ramplin, Slater, Walkington
03MAY 2004Added Surname Submissions> Sanderson
31APR 2004Surname Submissions> There were 45 added submissions for the month of April
29APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Hawk(e)sworth
27APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cockhill, Cockill, Cokill
25APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Glover, Hetherington
23APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Broadbelt, Taylor
19APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Beaumont, Daft, Dawson, Hewson,
17APR 2004ADDED: Churches > East Parade Chapel (thanks to A.Williamson)
17APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cottle, Doherty, Drewry, Murgatroyd, Rycroft, Scott. Wright
13APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Long (Updated), Savory
11APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Pratt
11APR 2004New Product Launched> Single Maps On CD (3 Maps of Bradford 1834, 1854 and 1861)
11APR 20041891 Census Transcription> Piece numbers 3699, 3700 (West Leeds Ward) have been completed
11APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Ainley, Brown, Brownhill, Coulson, Dixon, Ingham, Lumley, Richardson
06APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Goodall, Rosenberg, Valentine
03APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Sidebottom
02APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Crellin, Priestley
01APR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Denbigh, Holmes, Rhodes, Scowsill
31MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> There were 53 Surnames submitted in the month of March
28MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Martin
27MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Jefferson, Weil
26MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bramma, Charnock, Ellis, Wilson
24MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Appleyard
23MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Arch, Scruton
22MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Cluderay, Hutton, Milner, Stephenson, Stockwell
20MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bywater, Sykes, Ward
19MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bolton, Long, Tindall, Woodhall, Walker
17MAR 2004Surname Submission Updated> Clayton
16MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Lawley, Meadley, Peaker
14MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions>Doughty
10MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bowran, Shrigley
09MAR 2004New Article> Guide to Tracing Soldiers - Courtesy of Anthony Child
09MAR 2004New Article> Streets Demolished In Leeds July 1937 and July 1939 - Courtesy Shaun Cohen
09MAR 20041891 Census Transcription> Has now reached 170,000 completed entries
09MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bould
08MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Baxter, Hare,Spray,Watson
06MAR 2004Cenus Project> Two Disc's have been lauched 1861 and 1891 see Home page for details
06MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> McIver, McIvor
05MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions>Abbishaw, Bolton, Jewell
03MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Waterhouse
02MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions>Binns, Coates, Lewis, Moran, Tillotson
01MAR 2004Total Surname Submissions for the month of February was 44
01MAR 2004Added Surname Submissions> Nurse
29FEB 2004Newsletter: The first issue of the Quarterly Leeds Indexers Newsletter was launched today.
28FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Berriff
25FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Threapleton
23FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Fowler, Rumblow
21FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Hemsley
20FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Marks Woodhouse, (Photograph and Text added) courtesy www.leodis.net
20FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Croft, Huller
19FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Matthias, Burley (Photograph Added) courtesy www.leodis.net
19FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Mary Mabgate (Photograph Added) courtesy www.leodis.net
19FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Beasley, Beldon, Booth, Fawcett
19FEB 2004Updated: Churches > Nether Green Chapel Woodhouse (Photograph added) courtesy www.leodis.net
18FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St George, Leeds (Photograph Added)
18FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Nicholas, Gipton (Photograph Added)
18FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Mary Whitkirk (Photographs Added)
18FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Margarets, Cardigan Road (Photograph Added)
18FEB 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Holroyd, Hustwit, Leeds, Sedgwick
17FEB 2004Updated Surname Submissions> Emsley
17FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Barrarclough, Killingbeck
15FEB 2004Updated: Churches > Burley Lawn UMFC (2 Photographs & Text added) courtesy www.Leodis.net
15FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Stott, Atkins, Freeman
14FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Bradley
14FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St Silas, Hunslet (Postcard Picture Added) courtesy www. Leodis.net
14FEB 2004Updated: Churches > St John the Evangelist, New Briggate, Leeds (Photograph Added) courtesy www.Leodis.net
14FEB 2004ADDED: Churches > St Giles Headingley (Picture also added courtesy of Keith Feeney)
12FEB 2004Articles Page> Extract from Whites Directory 1891 (A list of names occupation, institutions and locations)
12FEB 2004Articles Page> Extract from Whites Directory 1853 (A list of 134 Names, with Occupations and Locations)
12FEB 2004Friends of Leeds Library> Have commenced the transcription of St Marks Church Records (see our Homepage)
11FEB 2004Internet Tools> Demise of the Guesstimator 5 and errors discovered in the 1901 Cenus during its making
11FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Driver
10FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Wilson, Womersley, Wood
09FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Barker, Copley, Cowburn, Heald, Rayner, Sibson, Simpson
08FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Avis, Fairhead, Graham
03FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions> Atha, Relph
02FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions > Hamilton
01FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions >Firth, Broadhead
01FEB 2004Added Surname Submissions > There were 43 surname submissions added in Jan 2004
30JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Hurst
29JAN 2004Updated: Churches > Christ Church Upper Armley (Photograph Added)
29JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Garforth, Senior, Townend
25JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Caulfield, Higgins
24JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Carter, Hinte
23JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Brayshaw
22JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Alvey, Houghton, Warrior
19JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Hepper
18JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Eglin
16JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Bartle, Bolton, Begley, White, Green
15JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Thompson, Sneath
14JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Wade, Scales, Goodall
13JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Winter
12JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Chadwick, Kirk and an amendment to Milson
11JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Asquith, Brayshaw
10JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Ambler, Baxter, Crowther, Heald
09JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Telford Terrace (Meth) Hunslet
09JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > St John's (Meth) Swinnow
09JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Ashley Road (Meth)
09JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Beilinsohn, Bailson, Baileyson, Shock, Shalk, Barraclough, Brittain, Edmondson, Russon
08JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Sandford (Meth) Bramley
08JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Cambridge (Meth) Meanwood
08JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > St Andrews (Meth) Beeston
08JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Alwoodley Park (Meth) Alwoodley
08JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Highfield (Meth) Wortley
08JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Staniforth
07JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Moortown Estate (Meth) Moortown
07JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Vesper Road (Meth) Hawksworth Wood
07JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Beech Lane (Meth) Gipton
07JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Rookwood Road (Meth) Osmondthorpe
07JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Trinity (Meth) Beeston
07JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Rowntree
06JAN 2004Added Surname Submissions > Baxendale
05 JAN 2004Surname Submissions > New since 1st Jan:- Baines, Tully, Moyles, Robinson, Nowland, Whitaker, Viney
03 JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > New Blackpool (Meth) Wortley
03 JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Newbourne (Meth) Richmond Hill
03 JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Harrogate Road (Meth) Chapel Allerton
03 JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Wesley Street (Meth) Rodley
03 JAN 2004ADDED: Churches > Woodside (Meth) Horsforth
01 JAN 2004Surname Submissions > There were 43 Surnames submitted in December 03
30 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Dixon Lane (Meth) Lower Wortley
30 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Otley Road (Meth)
30 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Barkly Road (U Meth) Beeston
30 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Grove Hall (U Meth)
30 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bethesda (U Meth)
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Joseph Street (U Meth)
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Town Street (UMFC) Bramley
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > East Street (UMFC) Cross Green
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Holdforth Street (UMFC) New Wortley
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Lady Lane (UMFC) Leeds
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Roundhay Road (UMFC)
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenezer (UMFC) Rodley
20 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Greenside (UMFC) Wortley
19 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Victoria Road (UMFC) Headingley
19 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Zion UMFC) Kirkstall
17 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Providence Chapel (UMFC) Armley
17 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Prospect Chapel (UMFC) Holbeck
17 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Burley Lawn (UMFC) Burley
17 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Mount Pisgah (UMFC) Armley
17 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Olivet (UMFC) Stanningley
15 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bethel (UMFC) Hunslet
15 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Procotor's Place (UMFC) Woodhouse Carr
15 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenezer (UMFC) Burmantofts (Beckett Street)
15 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Meadow Road Bethel (UMFC) Holbeck
15 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Meadow Road Tabernacle (UMFC) Holbeck
14 Dec 2003The full transcription of the 1891 Census Piece Number RG12-3698 has began
14 Dec 2003Final Checks on the "West Division" of the 1937 Poll Book has commenced. (Reg Unit: 67 BO)
14 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Park Chapel (UMFC) Caroline Street
14 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bethel (Meth New Conn) Hunslet
14 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bower Street Mission (Meth New Conn) Hunslet
14 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bethesda (Meth New Conn) Armley
14 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Moor Road (Meth New Conn) Hunslet
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ventnor Street (Meth New Conn)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Central Mission (Meth New Conn) West Hunslet
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Zion (Meth New Conn) Richmond Hill
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenezer Chapel (Meth New Conn) Quarry Hill
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Woodhouse Lane (Meth New Conn)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Woodhouse Hill (Prim Meth) Hunslet
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Harehills Avenue (Prim Meth) Potternewton
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Mayflower Street (Prim Meth) Stourton
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Temple View Road (Prim Meth)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bull Ring (Prim Meth) Lower Wortley
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Far Royds (Prim Meth) Beeston
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Moriah (Prim Meth) Bramley
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Prince's Field (Prim Meth)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Zion (Prim Meth) Hunslet
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Lady Pit Lane (Prim Meth) Hunslet
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Rehoboth Central Mission (Prim Meth) Leeds (Park Lane)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Beth Carr Maternity Home (Prim Meth)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Holdforth Street (Prim Meth) New Wortley
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Brudenell Road Mission (Prim Meth)
13 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenezer (Prim Meth) Kirkstall
08 Dec 20031891 Census > Piece Number 3697 West Leeds (part of) final checking only remains before completion.
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Clowes (Prim Meth) Meanwood
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Cardigan Road (Prim Meth)
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Eleven Lane Ends (Prim Meth) Stanningley
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Belle Vue (Prim MEth) Belle Vue
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Southfield (Prim Meth) Armley
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Branch Road (Prim Meth) Armley
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Silver Royd Hill (Prim Meth) Upper Wortley
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenezer (Prim Meth) Stanningley
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Hillhouse Bank (Prim Meth)
08 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenezer Chapel (Prim Meth) Quarry Hill
07 Dec 2003UPDATED: Churches > St Clements Sheepscar (Photograph Added)
07 Dec 2003UPDATED: Churches > St Pauls Leeds (Photograph Added)
07 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Meynell Street (Wes) Holbeck
07 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Mistress Lane Mission Hall (Wes) Armley
07 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Pottery Field Mission Hall (Wes) Hunslet
07 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Alfred Cross Street (Wes) Little London
07 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > School Street Mission (Wes)
06 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Bethel (Wes) Ellerby Road
06 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Wordsworth Street (Wes)
06 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Harehills Lane (Wes)
06 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Park (Cross Flatts Park) (Wes) Hunslet
06 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > New Blackpool (Wes) Farnley
05 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > New Farnley (Wes)
05 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Greenside (Wes) Wortley
04 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Skilbeck Street, Central Hall (Wes) New Wortley
04 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Trinity (Wes) Roundhay Road
03 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Saville Green (Wes) Burmantofts
03 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Hunslet Moor End Mission (Wes)
03 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Lady Pit Lane (Wes) Hunslet
03 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Roseville Road (Wes) Sheepscar
03 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Sweet Street (Wes)
02 Dec 2003Updated: Churches > St Wilfrids, Calverley (Photograph Added)
02 Dec 2003Updated: Churches > Calverley Methodist Church (Photograph Added)
02 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Mint (Wes) Holbeck Moor
02 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Eldon Chapel (Wes) Woodhouse
02 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Dewsbury Road (Wes) Beeston
02 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Park Side (Wes) Beeston
02 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Whingate (Wes) Upper Armley
02 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Wakefield Road (Wes) Stourton
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Ebenzer (Wes) Bramley
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Woodhouse Moor (Wes)
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Cardigan Lane (Wes) Burley
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Beckett Street (Wes) Primrose Hill
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Stocks Street (Wes) Woodhouse Carr
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Farnley (Wes)
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Hyde Park Road (Wes) Hyde Park
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Lincoln Fields (Wes)
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Lady Pit Street (Wes) Beeston Hill
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Central Hall & Renton Street (Wes) New Wortley
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Roscoe Place (Wes) Chapeltown
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Richmond Hill (Wes)
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Hanover Square (Wes)
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Woodhouse Street (Wes) Woodhouse
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Central (Wes) Armley
01 Dec 2003ADDED: Churches > Brunswick (Wes) Bramley


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