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Churches,Chapels A-R

Details of Churches in the area.


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This page was last modified:August 15th:2004

Known list of Churches in the area (with links to details of same). This list is forever changing as the site grows. (Entries marked with an astericks * indicate the church is known by more than on name). If you can provide any information on a church within the Leeds and District area then please drop us a line.

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Church Ref:
OS Ref:
Religion District / area
Adel Methodist Church 108
Methodist Adel
Adel Society of Friends 190    
Quakers (S of F) Adel
Albion Chapel 279    
Independent Leeds
Alfred Cross Street (Wes) 362    
Wesleyan Little London
All Hallows 169    
Anglican - C of E Barwick-in-Elmet
All Hallows 035    
Anglican - C of E Hyde Park
All Saints 168    
Anglican - C of E Bardsey
All Saints 211    
Anglican - C of E Barwick in Elmet
All Saints 171    
Anglican - C of E Bramham
All Saints 196    
Anglican - C of E Churwell
All Saints 175    
Anglican - C of E Harewood
All Saints 177    
Anglican - C of E Kippax
All Saints 029  
Anglican - C of E Richmond Hill
All Saints 180  
Anglican - C of E Thorp Arch
All Saints 078  
Anglican - C of E Woodlesford
All Souls 030    
Anglican - C of E Woodhouse
Alwoodley Park (Meth) 437
Methodist Alwoodley
Armley Baptist Chapel 260    
Baptist Armley
Armley ( Wes) 311    
Wesleyan Armley
Arthington Wesleyan Chapel 107    
Wesleyan Arthington
Ascension 073    
Anglican - C of E Upper Wortley
Ascension, Church of the* 198    
Anglican - C of E Armley Heights
Ascension, Mission of the* 163    
Anglican - C of E Seacroft
Ashley Road (Meth) 441    
Assumption The* 245    
Roman Catholic - RC West Park
Barkly Road (U Meth) 423    
United Methodist Church Beeston
Barwick in Elmet Wesleyan 215  
Wesleyan Barwick in Elmet
Batchelor Lane Methodist Chapel 148    
Methodist Horsforth
Beckett Street (Wes) 337    
Wesleyan Primrose Hill
Beech Lane (Meth) 433  
Methodist Gipton
Beeston Hill (Cong) 289    
Congregational Beeston Hill
Beeston Royds School (Cong) 284    
Belle Vue (Prim Meth) 372
Primitive Methodist Belle Vue
Beth Carr Maternity Home (Prim Meth) 379
Primitive Methodist  
Beth Hamedrish 270    
Jewish Leeds (Hope Street)
Bethel (Meth New Conn) 399    
Methodist New Connexion Hunslet
Bethel (UMFC) 405    
United Methodist Free Church Hunslet
Bethel Chapel 038    
Methodist Beeston Hill
Bethel Chapel 278    
Congregational Leeds
Bethel Chapel 277    
Congregational Upper Wortley
Bethel (Wes) 360    
Wesleyan Ellerby Road
Bethesda (Meth New Conn) 397    
Methodist New Connexion Armley
Bethesda (U Meth) 421    
United Methodist Church  
Blenheim Baptist Chapel 259    
Baptist Woodhouse
Bower Street Mission (Meth New Conn) 398    
Methodist New Connexion Hunslet
Bramley (Wes) 305    
Wesleyan Bramley
Branch Road (Prim Meth) 370
Primitive Methodist Armley
Brudenell Road Mission (Prim Meth) 377
Primitive Methodist  
Brunswick Chapel (Wes) 325    
Wesleyan Bramley
Brunswick Chapel (Wes) 316    
Wesleyan Leeds
Bull Ring (Prim Meth) 386    
Primitive Methodist Lower Wortley
Burley Lawn (UMFC) 408
United Methodist Free Church Burley
Burley Road Baptist 264
Baptist Burley
Burmantofts (Cong) 446
Congregational Burmantofts (Shakespeare Street)
Byron Street (Cong) 284    
Congregational (off North Street)
Cambridge (Meth) 439
Methodist Meanwood
Calverley Methodist Church 136
Methodist Calverley
Campfield Chapel 280    
Cardigan Lane (Wes) 338    
Wesleyan Burley
Cardigan Road (Prim Meth) 374
Primitive Methodist  
Centenary (Wes) 312    
Wesleyan Hunslet
Centenary (Wes) 323    
Wesleyan Stanningley
Central (Wes) 331    
Wesleyan Armley
Central Methodist Chapel 146
Methodist Horsforth
Central Mission (Meth New Conn) 394    
Methodist New Connexion West Hunslet
Central Hall & Renton Street (Wes) 330    
Wesleyan New Wortley
Chapel Allerton* (Wes) 322    
Wesleyan Chapel Allerton
Christ Church 184    
Anglican - C of E Lofthouse
Christ Church 031
Anglican - C of E Hunslet
Christ Church 076
Anglican - C of E Upper Armley
Christ Church 079    
Anglican - C of E Lofthouse
Christ the King 237  
Roman Catholic - RC Bramley
Christ the Saviour 165    
Anglican - C of E Swinnow
Church of the Ascension* 198    
Anglican - C of E Armley Heights
Church of the Venerable Bede 159    
Anglican - C of E Wyther
City Evangelical Church 210    
Evangelical Seacroft
Clowes (Prim Meth) 375
Primitive Methodist Meanwood
Cookridge Methodist Chapel 109    
Methodist Cookridge
Corpus Christi 239  
Roman Catholic - RC Osmondthorpe
Crossgates Wesleyan 217  
Wesleyan Crossgates
Dewsbury Road 297    
Dewsbury Road (Wes) 344    
Wesleyan Beeston
Dixon Lane (Meth) 425    
Methodist Lower Wortley
Domestic Street (Unit) 286
Unitarian Holbeck
East Circuit (Wes) 304    
East Parade Chapel (Ind) 445    
Independent Denomination Leeds
East Street (UMFC) 418    
United Methodist Free Church Cross Green
Ebenezer (UMFC) 403    
United Methodist Free Church Burmantofts (Beckett Street)
Ebenezer (UMFC) 414    
United Methodist Free Church Rodley
Ebenezer Chapel 143
Methodist New Connexion Horsforth
Ebenezer Chapel (Meth New Conn) 392
Methodist New Connexion  
Ebenezer Chapel (Prim Meth) 366
Primitive Methodist Quarry Hill
Ebenezer Chapel 093
Primitive Methodist Rothwell
Ebenezer (Prim Meth) 376
Primitive Methodist Kirkstall
Ebenezer (Prim Meth) 368
Primitive Methodist Stanningley
Ebenezer (Wes) 340    
Wesleyan Bramley
Eldon Chapel (Wes) 345    
Wesleyan Woodhouse
Eleven Lane Ends (Prim Meth) 373
Primitive Methodist Stanningley
Emmanuel 051
Ebor Gardens Baptist 266
Baptist Ebor Gardens
Epithany (The Church of)* 049
Anglican - C of E Gipton
Far Beeston 298    
Presbytarian Beeston
Far Royds (Prim Meth) 385    
Primitive Methodist Beeston
Farnley (Wes) 335    
Wesleyan Farnley
Farsley Wesleyan Chapel 133    
Wesleyan Farsley
Farsley Wes-U Meth Chapel 135    
Wesleyan/United Methodist Farsley
Great Synagogue (The) 272    
Jewish Leeds (Belgrave Street)
Greenside* (UMFC) 413    
United Methodist Free Church Wortley
Grove Hall (U Meth) 422    
United Methodist Church  
Halton Wesleyan Chapel 208
Wesleyan Halton
Hanover Square (Wes) 327    
Wesleyan Leeds
Harehills Lane Baptist 265
Harehills Lane (Prim Meth) 389    
Primitive Methodist Potternewton
Harehills Lane (Wes) 358
Harehills Road (Cong) 293
Congregational Harehills
Harrogate Road (Meth) 428    
Methodist Chapel Allerton
Headingley Baptist 252    
Baptist Headingley
Headingley Hill (Cong) 290    
Congregational Headingley
High Ash Drive (URC) 302    
URC Moor Allerton
Highfield (Meth) 436
Methodist Wortley
Hillhouse Bank (Prim Meth) 367
Primitive Methodist  
Holbeck (Wes) 306    
Wesleyan Holbeck
Holbeck (Wes) Circuit 313    
Wesleyan Holbeck
Holdforth Street (Prim Meth) 378
Primitive Methodist New Wortley
Holdforth Street (UMFC) 417    
United Methodist Free Church New Wortley
Holy Family 229    
Roman Catholic - RC New Wortley
Holy Name 050
Holy Name 151
Roman Catholic Ireland Wood
Holy Trinty 061  
Anglican - C of E Armley
Holy Trinity 100
Anglican - C of E Bramley
Holy Trinity 150
Anglican - C of E Ireland Wood
Holy Trinity 011
Anglican - C of E Leeds (Boar Lane)
Holy Trinity 106
Anglican - C of E Meanwood
Holy Trinity 077
Anglican - C of E Rothwell
Holy Rosary 240  
Roman Catholic - RC Chapeltown
Holy Spirit 060
Anglican - C of E Holbeck
Holy Spirit 249  
Roman Catholic - RC Stanningley
Holy Spirit Queen of Confessors 248  
Roman Catholic - RC Bramley
Horsforth Baptist Chapel 140    
Baptist Horsforth
Horsforth Wesleyan Chapel 142    
Wesleyan Horsforth
Hunslet Baptist Tabernacle 256    
Baptist Hunslet
Hunslet Moor End Mission (Wes) 350    
Wesleyan Hunslet Moor
Hyde Park Road (Wes) 334    
Wesleyan Hyde Park
Immaculate Heart of St Mary (The) 243    
Roman Catholic - RC Harrogate Road
Isle Lane (Wes) 324    
Wesleyan Holbeck
Joseph Street (U Meth) 420    
United Methodist Church Hunslet
Joseph Street (Cong) 288    
Congregational Hunslet
King Lane Baptist 268
Baptist Moortown
Kirkstall Baptist Chapel 258    
Baptist Kirkstall
Kirkstall (Cong) 299    
Congregational Kirkstall
Kirkstall (Wes) 319    
Wesleyan Kirkstall
Lady Lane Chapel 036    
Lady Lane (UMFC) 416    
United Methodist Free Church Leeds
Lady Pit Lane (Prim Meth) 381    
Primitive Methodist Hunslet
Lady Pit Lane (Wes) 349    
Wesleyan Hunslet
Lady Pit Street (Wes) 331    
Wesleyan Beeston Hill
Leeds Ebenezer Chapel 254
Baptist Leeds
Leeds Parish Church* 001
Anglican - C of E Leeds
Lincoln Fields (Wes) 333    
Lister Hill Baptist Chapel 141    
Baptist Horsforth
Lofthouse Gate Methodist Chapel 095    
Methodist Lofthouse Gate Rothwell
Marshall Street 282    
Congregational Holbeck
Mayflower Street (Prim Meth) 388    
Primitive Methodist Stourton
Meadow Lane (Wes) 318    
Wesleyan Holbeck
Meadow Road Bethel (UMFC) 402    
United Methodist Free Church Holbeck
Meadow Road Tabernacle (UMFC) 401    
United Methodist Free Church Holbeck
Meanwood Road Baptist 267
Meynell Street (Wes) 365    
Wesleyan Holbeck
Middleton Hall 222    
Roman Catholic - RC Stourton
Middleton Methodist Chapel 094    
Methodist Middleton Rothwell
Middleton Methodist Chapel 096    
Methodist Middleton Rothwell (Sissons Ave )
Middleton Park Baptist Chapel 086    
Baptist Middleton Park Rothwell
Middleton Wesleyan Chapel 090    
Wesleyan Middleton Rothwell
Mill Hill Chapel 273
Presb/Unit Leeds
Mint (Wes) 346    
Wesleyan Holbeck Moor
Mission Church of St. Richard* 164    
Anglican - C of E Seacroft
Mission of the Ascension* 163    
Anglican - C of E Seacroft
Mistress Lane Mission Hall (Wes) 364    
Wesleyan Armley
Monkbridge Road (Wes) 303    
Wesleyan Meanwood
Moor Road (Meth New Conn) 396    
Methodist New Connexion Hunslet
Moortown Estate (Meth) 435  
Methodist Moortown
Moriah (Prim Meth) 384    
Primitive Methodist Bramley
Mount Pisgah (UMFC) 407    
United Methodist Free Church Armley
Mount St.Joseph's* 228    
Roman Catholic - RC Headingley
Mount St. Mary's 022    
Roman Catholic - RC Richmond Hill
Nether Green (Cong) 294
Congregational Woodhouse
New Blackpool (Meth) 430    
Methodist Wortley
New Blackpool (Wes) 356    
Wesleyan Farnley
Newbourne (Meth) 429    
Methodist Richmond Hill
New Jerusalem Chapel 028    
Newton Park (Cong) 283    
Congregational Potternewton
New Synagogue (The) 271    
Jewish Leeds (St. John's Place)
North Hall Mission 296    
Oak Road (Cong) 292     Congregational Armley
Old Jewish Synagogue (The) 269    
Jewish Leeds (New Briggate)
Olivet (UMFC) 406    
United Methodist Free Church Stanningley
Otley Road (Meth) 424    
Methodist Headingley
Oulton Wesleyan Chapel 088    
Wesleyan Oulton
Our Lady of Good Counsel 139  
Roman Catholic - RC Horsforth
Our Lady of Good Counsel 203  
Roman Catholic - RC Seacroft
Our Lady of Lourdes 238  
Roman Catholic - RC Burley
Our Lady of Lourdes 236  
Roman Catholic - RC Hunslet
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 202  
Roman Catholic - RC Seacroft
Ouzlewell Green Wesleyan Chapel 091
Wesleyan Ouzlewell Green
Oxford Place Chapel (Wes) 309
Wesleyan Leeds
Park Chapel 039    
Park Chapel (UMFC) 400    
United Methodist Free Church Caroline Street
Park (Cross Flatts Park) (Wes) 357    
Wesleyan Hunslet
Park Side (Wes) 343    
Wesleyan Beeston
Pottery Field Mission Hall (Wes) 363    
Wesleyan Hunslet
Presbyterian Church of England 027    
Presbyterian Leeds (Cavendish Road)
Preparative Meeting Roundhay 221  
Quakers (S of F) Roundhay
Prince's Field (Prim Meth) 383    
Primitive Methodist  
Proctor's Place (UMFC) 404    
United Methodist Free Church Woodhouse Carr
Prospect Chapel (UMFC) 409    
United Methodist Free Church Holbeck
Providence UMFC 144
UMFC Horsforth
Providence Chapel (UMFC) 410    
United Methodist Free Church Armley
Rehoboth Baptist Chapel 132    
Baptist Farsley
Rehoboth Central Mission (Prim Meth) 380
Primitive Methodist Leeds (Park Lane)
Richmond Hill (Wes) 328    
Wesleyan Richmond Hill
Rodley Bethel Chapel 261    
Baptist Rodley
Rookwood Road (Meth) 432  
Methodist Osmondthorpe
Roscoe Place (Wes) 329    
Wesleyan Chapeltown
Rosville Road (Wes) 348    
Wesleyan Sheepscar
Rothwell Wesleyan Chapel 087    
Wesleyan Rothwell
Rothwell Wesleyan Chapel 092    
Wesleyan Rothwell (Wakefield Road)
Roundhay Congregational Church* 037    
Methodist URC Roundhay
Roundhay Methodist 220  
Methodist Roundhay
Roundhay (RC) Mission 212    
Roman Catholic - RC Roundhay
Roundhay Road (UMFC) 415    
United Methodist Free Church  
Roundhay Wesleyan 216  
Wesleyan Roundhay


Where ever possible photographs / illustrations of the churches have been included. Some of these have been obtained from the Leodis Website. We have included the full title / Reference number of these images in order that the can be quickly retrieved from the Leodis site for viewing / purchasing.


We have also included, where possible, details of church plans. A large number of these have been located on the Church Plans On Line website. These plans are from the Archives of the 'The Incorporated Church Building Society'. They relate to applications made for funding for buildings and enlargements of Anglican churches throughout England and Wales. The Incorporated Church Building Society (ICBS) commenced in 1818 and the records, plans and minutes have since been deposited at the Lambeth Palace Archives. With funding from the New Opportunities Fund the Archives have placed these plans online. We have provided thumbnail images of the plans with relevant title and ICBS Reference Number. By clicking on the image you will be taken to the Church Plans On Line website where you can study the details / maps in detail.






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