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Last Updated: 31 August, 2002








The 1901 Census is now available online at the PRO.

Making use of the On-line data from the PRO.

It can be difficult searching the on-line census to find the information you want or to do anything with the resulting information. I found the easiest method was to paste the data from the results table into an Excel spreadsheet and extract the page numbers from the page image and person ID number from the Hyperlinked name. Once you have obtained this information you can sort on the Page Number and Person ID number columns. By doing this it will assist in grouping families together. I know from personal experience having located a family on the Census I purchased the image for the page. The Head and his wife appeared as the last two entries on the page. I purchased the next page hoping to get the rest of the family, only to find they weren't there. If I had downloaded and sorted the information as above I would have known they were not there and saved myself some money (typical Yorkshireman).

I have created a spreadsheet that allows the pasting of the data from the PRO site onto the 'DATA' page. Pressing the extract button on the 'MAIN' page will extract the Page and Person numbers which you can then sort on. Please feel free to use the Spreadsheet to assist in your research. Some people have experienced problems when pasting the data - this may be associated with the Internet Browser you are using. I have had no problems using Microsofts IE 6.

Download 1901 Census Extractor.zip 24.0 KB (24,576 bytes)

This program is supplied as freeware please feel free to distribute it. There are no warranties and we cannot be held responsible for loss of data, malfunction etc. It is supplied on an as is basis. It may not function correctly with some Internet Browsers.

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