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Streets Demolished

between July 1937 and July 1939 - transcribed by Shaun COHEN




Streets Demolished between July 1937 and July 1939

List taken from Wigley's Street Directory of Leeds

Accommodation Row, Great Garden Street
Acorn Street, 17 York Road
Airedale Cottages, 35 Whitehall Road
Albert Street, Campbell Street
Alexander Place, 187 Park Lane
Angel Street, 90 Kirkstall Road
Annerley Place, 11 Sydenham Street
Annerley Street, 7 Croydon Street
Annerley Street, 7 Croydon Street
Annie Street, 1 Sydenham Street
Ark street, 44 Cross Green Lane
Atha Place, Ingram Street

Bachelor Street, 1 Ellerby Lane
Bachelor's Buildings, 1 Ellerby Lane
Back East Street, Ellerby Lane
Back Greenmount Place, Marshall Street
Back Greenmount Terrace, Flaxton Street
Back Spring Close Place, Spring Close Street
Back Spring Close Row, Aylesford Place
Baines Street, 6 Marshall Street
Baker Street, 92 Kirkstall Road
Bank Farm Street, 52 Cross Green Lane
Baker's Row, 38 Burmantoft's Street
Barr Street, 14 accommodation Road
Bean street, 13 York Road
Bethel Court, 21 Jack Lane
Bethel Place, Close Street
Blake Place, Cromwell Street
Blake Street,19 Cromwell street
Blake Terrace, Cromwell Street
Botland Square, Raglan Road, Woodhouse
Booth Street, 101 Sweet Street
Bowling Green Place, 123 Marshall Street
Bridgewater Street, South Accommodation Road
Burrell Terrace, 13 Shannon Street

Cable Street, 26 Marshall street
Carlton Row, 119 Marshall Street
Catherall Street, 1 Braithwaite Street
Chapel Court, 20 Marshall Street
Chapel Row, 18 Marshall Street
Chesham Street, 105 Sweet street
Christopher Street, 63 Hollis street
Clapham Street, 49 Marshall street
Clara Street, 125 South accommodation Road
Close Street, 10 Cross Field Street
Club Court, 48 York Road
Commercial Row, 18 Sweet Street West
Commercial Terrace, 18 Sweet Street west
Constance Street, 6 Lucas Street
Conyers Fold, 29 Wortley Lane
Conyers Yard, 21 Wortley Lane
Cookson Street, 7 Ellerby Road
Corporation Street, 96 Kirkstall Road
Council Street, 31 Shannon Street
Courtney Street, South Accommodation Road
Cranberry Street, 19 York Road
Cromwell Place, 25 Cromwell Street
Cromwell Square, 21 Cromwell Street
Cromwell Terrace, 3 Cromwell Place
Cross Burmantofts street, Burmantofts street
Cross Glew Street, 12 Marshall street
Cuttell Street, 42 Cromwell street

Daisy street, Carr Cross Street
Danby Street, 46 Cromwell Street
Denison Grove, Dennison street
Denison Place, 12 denison street
Denison Street, 3 North Hall street
Denison Terrace, 90-106 Denison street
Derby street, 16 Croydon street
Derby Street, 25 Sussex Street
Derby Terrace, 67 Dewsbury Road
Dick Street, 59 Windsor Street
Dover street, 102 Kirkstall road
Duce Row, 39 Spencer Lane
Duerdon Street, South accommodation Road
Dufton Place, 27 Spence Lane
Dunderdale Terrace, 5 Spence Lane
Dunderdale's Yard, 3 Spence Lane

Edgar Street, 43 York Road
Edwin street, 7 sweet Street
Elam street, 3 Ellerby Road
Ellerby Street, 49 Ellerby lane
Ellis Buildings, 19 Wellington Street
Ellis Place, 22 Lodge Lane
Elm street, 66 York Road
England Street, 104 Kirkstall Road
Eton Street, Marshall Street
Evesham Terrace, 273 Meanwood Road

Fawcett Street, near 7 Ellerby Road
Florist Street, 108 Kirkstall Road
Friendly Row, 2 Pape Street
Friendly Street, 40 Cromwell Street
Friendly Terrace, Pape street

Garden Green, 11 Domestic street
Gas House court, 25 Wellington Road
George's Place, 2 Ingram Street
Glew Court, 41 Marshall Street
Glew Place, 12 Marshal Street
Globe Row, 37 Town street, Bramley
Gough Street, 37 Great Garden Street
Grattan Street, 112 Kirkstall Road
Green's Place, 9 Ingram treet
Greenfield Terrace, Greenfield Road
Greenmount place, 40a Marshall street
Greenmount Terrace, 66 Lady Pit Lane
Greenmount Terrace, 40a Marshall Street

Hammond Place, South accommodation Road
Hamond Steet, South accommodation Road
Harding Street, 34 Great Garden Street
Hatfield Street, 35 Shannon Street
Heed Place, Heed Street
Heeds Street, 42 Windsor Street
Heed Terrace, 42 Windsor Street
High Markland Street, 7 Ellerby Road
Hobson Street, 5 Carr Cross Street
Holgate Row,21 Atkinson Place
Hollis Street, 116 Kirkstall Road
Hougomont Place, 45 Wortley Lane
Hougomont Street,45 Wortley Lane
Hugo Place, Coldcotes avenue
Hugo Place, 1 Cromwell Street
Hull Row, Cromwell Street
Hull Terrace, Hull Street

Ingram Place, Ingram ste
Ireton Place, Ireton Street
Ireton Street, 7 Cromwell Street

Jackman Square, 75 Institution Street
Jackman Yard, 75 Institution Street
James Street, 17 Domestic Street
Jermyn Street, 120 Kirkstall Road

Keeting Street, 6 Sydenham Street
Kellam Street, 22 accommodation Road
Kennedy Street, 122 Kirkstall Road
Kent Street, 3 Ellerby Road
Kidson Street, 74 Sweet Street
Kingston Place, 6 Ingram Street

La Haye Saint street, 47 Wortley Lane
Lawrence treet, 50 Cross Green Lane
Leathley Square, 31 David Street
Legal Row, 38 Cromwell Street
Leicester Street, 23 Sussex Street
Lindley Cour, 87 Sweet Street
Linsley Court, Linsley Fold
Linsey Fold, 38 Argyle Road
Linsley Row, St.Mary's Row
Low Moor Buildings, Raglan Road
Lucas Street, South accommodation Road

Mann Street, Domestic Street
Mark Street, 10 Crossfield teet
Marsh Square, 14 Raglan Road
Mawson's Yard, 41 Burmantofts street
Meynell Street, 130 Kirkstall Road
Milnes Place, 53 Wellington Road
Milton Street, 14 Meadow Road
Mont St.Jean Street, 51 Wortley Lane
Morpeth Place, 6 Ellerby Road
Morpeth Street, 9 Ellerby Road
Mount Place, 136 Dewsbury Road
Mount Street, 28 Marshall street
Mount Tabor, 54 Burmantofts Street
Mount Tabor Place, 56 urmantofts Street

Nelson Court, 24 Gelderd Road
Newlay Street, 134 Kirkstall Road
Nichols Place, Eunice Place
Nichols Place, 7 Ingham Street

Oak Street, 68 York Road
Oates Place, 70 St.Mark's Street
Oates Square, 74 St.Mark's Street
Oddy Place, Ingram Street
Otter Street, 138 Kirkstall Road

Pape Street, 48 argyle Road
Peacock Yad, 45 Whitehall Road
Peel Street, 142 Kirkstall Road
Penn Street, 25 Macaulay Street
Porritt Street, 8 Syndenham Street
Prospect Avenue, Accommodation Road
Quadrant Street, 144 Kirkstall Road

Ramsden Place, 42 Gelderd Road
Ramsden Street, 42 gelderd RoadRanderson's Court, 55 Raglan Road
Randerson's Yard, 32 Ellerby Lane
Randle's Court, 45 Raglan Road
Rhode's Square, 240 Meanwood Road
Robert Street, 100 Sweet Street
Robinson Yard, 55 Wortley Lane
Rodney Street, 34 York Road
Runcorn Street, 146 Kirkstall Road

St.Ann's Square, 15 Shannon Street
St. Barnabas' Street, 30 Sweet Sreet
St.Barnabas' Terrace, 30 Sweet Street
St.James' Place, 10 Ingram street
Salop street, 29 Sussex Street
Sarah Street, 60 Burmantofts Street
School Place, 1 Ingram Street
Senior Place, 6 Lord Street
Sherwin Court, Swet Street
Sherwin Place, Sweet Street
Siddall Place, 66 Sweet Street
Spring Close Court, 18 Ellerby Lane
Spring Close Place, 32 Spring Close Street
Spring Close Terrace, Spring Close street
Springfield Street, Mount Tabor Place
Stanhope Square, 14 Shannon street
Stanhope Street, 150 Kirkstall Road
Strode Street, Cromwell Street
Sunderland Place, 54 York Road
Surrey Street, 19 Sussex Street
Sussex Court, 9 Ellerby Road
Sydenham Place, 30 Domestic Street
Sydenham Street, 50 Domestic Street

Tamworth street, 11 Greenfield Road
Tatlock Street, 16 Lord Street
Tennyson Place, 9 Mount Tabor Place
Terrace Street, 36 Marshall Street
Thackray Court, 23 Primrose Street
Thackray Street, Carr Cross Street
Timber Terrace, Timber street
Town End Street, 152 Kirkstall Road

Upper Burmantofts street, Burmantofts Street
Upper Townend Street, 56 Somerby Street
Upton street, 156 Kirkstall Road

Vane Street, 20 Cromwell Street
Venables Street, 34 Argyle Road
Ventnor Place, 62 Somerby Street
Vetch Street, 11 York Road
Vincent Place, 129 Hunslet Road

Wakefield Court, Wakefield Place
Wakefield Place, 41 Whitehall Road
Walker's Place, 30 Clyde Street
Waller Street, 32 Green Road
Walsh ow, 9 Carr Cross Street
Waterloo Place, 1 York Rad
Watson's Yard, 3 St.Mark's Road
Wentworth Row, Upper Accommodation Road
Wentworth Street, Upper Accommodation Road
Wentworth Terrace, 11 Greenfield Road
Wheat Street 23 York Road
Wilkinson Street, 52 Cromwell Street
William street, 76 Sweet Street
Windsor Square, Windsor Place
Windsor Street, 37 York Road
Windsor Terrace, 18 New Pepper road
Windsor Terrace, 59 Windsor Street
Woodman Street, 97 Sweet Street

Zion Place, 43 Newport Street
Zion Street, 99 East Street
Zulu Grove, 31 argyle Road
Zulu Place, 31 Argyle Place
Zulu Street, 31 Argyle Road
Zulu Terrace, 31 Argyle Road






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