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.: HOME :: ARTICLES :: Alphabetical List of Streets, Squares, Lanes & Courts in Leeds 1817 :.


Addy's yard, Upperhead row
Albion court, Mill hill
Albion square, Albion street
Albion street, Boar lane
Alfred street, Boar lane
Allison's court, Quarry hill
Allison's yard, 87, Briggate
Allison's yard, Union street
Amen corner, Lady bridge
Angel Inn yd. Back of Shambles
Askam's yard, Marsh lane
Assembly court, Call lane

Back Allison's court, Quarry hill
Back Bow street, Bank
Back Charles street, Charles street
Back Coach lane, Upper High St.
Back Flags In. Top of Quarry hut
Back High street, St. Ann's street
Back Hope street, North Street
Back Kendell's row, Bank
Back lane, Commercial street
Back George's street, George's st.
Back lane, Marsh lane
Back Nile Street, North street
Back Park square, New road end
Back Queen street, Bank
Back of Shambles, Moot hall
Back Silver street, Water lane
Back Waterloo st. Marsh In. head
Rank court, Briggate
Bank street, Boar lane
Baptist court, Back George street
Barleycorn row, Garden street
Barron's yard, Upperhead row
Batty's row, John Street
Battye's yard, Top of Mill hill
Baxter's yard, Quarry hill
Bay Horse yard, Market place
Bean Ing, New road end
Bedford's court, Off street
Bee Hive yard, Vicar lane
Beeston lane, Meadow lane
Bellman's yard, St. James's street
Birch's yard, Lowerhead row
Bischoff's yard, North street
Black Bank, Marsh lane head
BlackBull yard, Hunslet lane
Blackman lane, Woodhouse lane
Black Swan yard, Nelson street
Blucher street, Hunslet lane
Blue Bell fold, Back
Boar lane, Briggate
Boatbuilder's yard, Bowman lane
Boddey's yard. Ebenezer street
Bond street, Briggate
Boocook's row, Top close
Boot and Shoe yard, Kirkgate
Bowling green row, Meadow lane
Bowman lane, Hunslet lane
Bow street, Back
Boy and Barrel yard, Wood street
Boyne's yd. near White Cloth Hall
Boynton's yard, 87, Briggate
Bramley row, Templar Street
Bramley's yard, Lowerhead row
Brewery field, Meadow lane
Brick Street, Marsh lane
Bridge street, Lady lane
Briggate, from Bridge to Moot hall
Broadhead's yard, it, Briggate
Broad yard, Boar Lane
Brown's brick garth, Marsh lane
Brown's yard, Duke Street
Brown's yard, Union street
Brunswick place, Notth street
Bullman's yard, 21, Briggate
BuIl's Head yard, Briggate
Bull & Bell yard, 45, Briggate
Bullock's square, Far Bank
Burley bar, Upperhead row
Burmantofts, Marsh lane head
Buslingthorpe, Woodhouse carr
Butler's yard, 112, Kirkgate
Butt's, court, Burley bar
Butt's hill, Burley bar
Butt's lane, Park lane
Butterworth's yard, 91, Kirgate
Bywater's yard, 49, Kirkgate
Bywater's yard, Marsh lane

Cabbage hall, Woodhouse bar
Call lane, Duncan street
Calls, near White Cloth Hall
Camp field, Water lane
Camp lane, Water lane
Cankerwell lane, Woodhouse lane
Carlton hill, Woodhouse lane
Carlton lane, Woodhouse lane
Carr place, Long Balk lane
Carr's yard, Quarry hill
Cavalier hill, Far Bank
Cave street, Water lane
Cawood's yard, Off street
Chadwick's yard, Bowman lane
Charles street, Upper high street
Charlesworth's yard, Swinegate
Charnock's yard, Meadow lane
Cheapside, Hunslet lane
Cherry Tree yard, 119, Kirkgate
Cburch alley, Calls
Church Iane, Kirkgate
Church row, Timble bridge
Clarkson's yard, Quarry hill
Clay pit hill, Woodhouse lane
Clay pit lane, Woodhouse lane
Club houses, Kirkstall road
Club row, Top close
Coach lane, quarry hill
Cockeram's yard, Lands lane
Cocker's yard, East lane
Commercial court, 8, Briggate
Commercial street, Bond street
Cookson's yds. 6 & 16, Kirkgate
Cooper's court, Bowman lane
Cowell's yard, 72, Briggate
Coxon's yard, 42, Kirkgate
Coxon's yard, Union Street
Crackner's yard, Vicar lane
Cripplegate, Top of Mill hill
Cross parish, Market place
Cross street, Lady bridge
Crown point, near Timble bridge
Cryer's court, North street
Cullingworth's yard, Kirkgate
Cundall's yard, 74, Bnggate

Darnton's yard, North street
Dawson's yard, St. George's street
Dixon's garth, Hillhouse Bank
Dodsworth's yard, 38, Briggate
Dolly lane, Mabgate
Drony laith, New road
Duffield's yard, Hillhouse Bank
Duffield's yard, Upper High street
Dufton's yard, Marsh lane
Duke street, Marsh lane
Duncan Street, Briggate
Dunn's yard, Marsh lane

East bar, Bottom of Kirkgate
East lane, 99, Kirkgate
East parade, West Street
Ebenezer street, Vicar lane
Ellerby lane, Far Bank
Eye Bright place, Quebec

Far Bank, near Black Dug
Far fold, Mabgate
Feetham's yard, Marsh lane
Flay Crow mills, Swinegate
Fleece lane, Meadow lane
Fleece yard, Meadow lane
Foundry yard, Marsh lane
Fountain street, Low lane
Fountain terrace, Sheepscar road
Fox & Grapes yard, 27, Kirkgate

Gamble's yard, Quarry hill
Garden street, Marsh lane
Garland's fold, Timble bridge
Gascoigne's yard, Boar lane
George's court, 91, Briggate
George's court, St. George's street
George & Dragon yd. 40, Briggate
Gill's yards, 78 & 80. Kirkgate
Gilpin's yard, Church lane
Globe yard, Quarry hill
Glover's yard, Nelson-street,
Golden Cock yard, Kirkgate
Golden Lion yd. bottom of Briggate
Golden Fleece yard, 26, Briggate
Goodison's yard, Meadow lane
Goodman's court, Hunslet lane
Goulden's buildings, Church lane
Goulden's yard, York street
Greaves's yard, Quarry hill
Greave's yard, St. Peter's square
Green's court, Back of Shambles
Green Dragon yard, Burley bar
Green hill. Wellington road
Green row, Mabgate
Green row, Meadow lane
Greenwood street, Hunslet
Grey walk, Hunslet lane
Grove place, Clay pit lane
Grove terrace, Clay pit lane

Hall's fold, Hillhouse Bank
Hardwick's yard, 48, Briggate
Hare's yard, Hunslet lane
Harper street, Kirkgate
Harper's yard, 103, Kirkgate
Harrison's court, Hunslet lane
Harrison's yard, Bowman lane
Harrison's yard, Hunslet lane
Hayes's court, Vicar lane
Heaps's yard, 35, Briggate
Heaton's court, 6, Briggate
High court lane, Calls
High Causeway, North parade
High street St. Peters
Hillhouse Bank. Near Bank
Hill's yard, Meadow lane
Hindle's yard, St. James Street
Hobson's yard, Duke street
Holbeck lane end, Meadow lane
Holbeck moor, Beeston bar
Holbeck parsonage, Meadow lane
Holdsworth's fold, Bank
Holmes's yard, York street
Holmfield's yard, Meadow lane
Holroyd's yard, Meadow lane
Hope street, North street
Hopps's yard, Lowerhead row
Horse Shoe yard, Park lane
Hunslet carr, Woodhouse hill
Hunslet lane, Bridge end
Hunslet moor side, near Hunslet

Inkersley's court, 74 Briggate
Isle of Cinder, Swinegate

Jackson's yard, Ebenezer street
Jacob's Well, Long Balk lane
John street, Meadow lane
Johnson's square, Quarry hill
Johnson's yard, 117, Kirkgate
Johnson `s yard, Quarry hill
Joy's fold, Marsh lane
Jubilee court, Vicar lane
Jubilee street, St. Ann`s street
Judson's yard, Cavalier hill

Kellett's buildings, Top close
Kellett's row, Water lane
Kemplay's yard, 89, Kirkgate
Kendell's yard, St. James street
Kendell's place, Bowman lane
Kendell's row, Mill st. Marsh lane
Kendell street, Bowman lane
Kenyon's court, 21, Briggate
King's mills, Swinegate
King street, Near Bank
Kirkgate, Top of Briggate

Lady bridge. Lady lane
Lady lane, North street
Lamb yard, Timble bridge
Leathley's yard, 11, Briggate
Lee's yard, Meadow lane
Leylands, Lady bridge
Liddle's yard, 61, Briggate
Lidgate, Woodhouse bar
Lisbon street, Kirkstall road
Lisbon row, Kirkstall road
Little London, Long Balk lane
Little Templar street, North street
Little Woodhouse, Park lane
Lloyd's Arms yard, Duke street
Long Balk lane, Woodhouse lane
Long lane, Water lane
Lonsdale's yard, Lowerhead row
Lorry bank, Woodhouse carr
Lowerhead row, Vicar lane
Low fold, Bank
Low fold, Marsh lane
Low fold, North street
Low HoIland, Calls
Low lane, Park lane
Low street St. Peters
Low tenters, Swinegate
Lupton's yard, North street

Mabgate, Quarry bill
Mabgate end, Skinner lane
Mabgate green, Leylands
Mc Andrew Gardens, Marsh lane
Malt kiln row, Water lane
Malt Mill yard, Lowerhead row
Malt Shovel yard, 31, Kirkgate
Mann's yard, Duke street
Market place, Cross parish
Marquis of Granby yd. Low. h. row
Marsh lane, Timble bridge
Marsh lane head, Burmantofts
Maude's yard, Church row
Maude's yard, High street
May`s yard, Duke Street
Meadow lane, Bridge end
Mercury Office yard, 77, Briggate
Merry Boys' hill, Burley bar
Micklethwaite's yard, Meadow lane
Middle fold, Mabgate
Mill garth, Harper Street
Mill hill, Boar lane
Mill street, Marsh lane
Mill street, Meadow lane
Milton street, Meadow lane
Mixed Cloth Hall, West street
Montreal, West street
Mount Pleasant, Park lane
Moxon's yard, 308, Kirkgate
Muck lane, Bank
Musgrave's fold, Hillhouse Bank
Musgrave's yard, Duke street

NayIor's yard, Meadow lane
Near Bank, Steander
Near fold, Mabgate
Nelson street, Vicar lane
Nether green, Woodhouse
Nether mills, Bank
Nevile street, School close
New lane, Meadow lane
New Navigation wharf, Water lane
New Park street, Park lane
New road, Bean Ing
New row, Mill Street
New row, Sheepscar lane
New Shambles, Duncan street
New Street, Market place
Newsome's yard, 65, Briggate
Nile street, North Street
Noah's Ark yard, Meadow lane
North bar, North street
North Hall, New road
North parade, top of Lady lane
North street, North Town end
North street, Woodhouse lane

Off street, Duke street
Old Brewery yard, Meadow lane
Old George yard, Meadow lane
Old George yard, 97, Briggate
Old Infirmary yard, 52, Kirkgate
Old Mower yard, Call lane
Old Nag's Head yard, Kirkgate
Old Post Office yard, 100 Kirkgate
Old Rotation Office yd 44, Kirkgate
Old Shambles, top of Briggate
Old square, 73, Kirkgate
Old Wool Pack yard, Kirkgate

Paley's galleries, Marsh lane
Paley's yard, Calls
Paradise, Marsh lane
Park buildings, New road end
Park court, Park lane
Park lane, Burley bar
Park place, West street
Park row, Park lane
Park square, West street
Park street, Park lane
Parrot yard, Call lane
Peacock's yard, Bank
Patchett's yard, Briggate
Peacock's yard, North street
Pepper lane, Woodhouse hill
Pleasant Dairy, Woodhouse lane
Pleasant row, Quarry hill
Pontefract lane, York road
Pork alley, Hillhouse Bank
Priestley's yard, Woodhouse lane
Prince's yards, 90 & 116, Kirkgate
Providence row, Woodhouse lane
Pulman's yard, Union Street

Quarry bill, Lady bridge
Quebec, top of Mill hill
Queen's court, Call lane
Queen's court, Woodhouse lane
Queen's square, Woodhouse lane
Queen's street, Far Bank

Randall's yard, Quarry hill
Randerson's yard, Ellerby lane
Ratcliff's yard, North street
Rathmell's court, Bowman lane
Rathmell's yard, 84, Briggate
Rayner's yard, Mill hill
Rayson's yard, 69, Briggate
Rayson's Old yard, Market place
Regent Inn yard, Kirkgate
Richardson's yard, Timble bridge
Richmond hill, Bank
Richmond place, Bank
Riley's court, Off street
Riley's row, York street
Rising Sun yard, Marsh lane
Robinson's yard, 117, Kirkgate
Rockley Hall yard, Lowerhead row
Rooke's yard, Far Bank
Rose & Crown yard, Cross parish
Royal Oak yard, 96, Kirkgate

Saddle yard, 95, Briggate
Sandford street, School close
Sayner's lane, Hunslet lane
Scales yard, Duke street
Scholay's yard, St. George's street
School close, Mill hill
Scott's yard, Off street
Sexton's lane, Marsh lane
Shambles (Old) Moot hall
Shaw's yard, High street
Shaw's Old yard, Market place
Shears yard, 9, Kirkgate
Sheepscar, North Town end
Sheepscar lane, North street
Shepherd's yard, Ebenezer street
Sherwood's yard, 41, Briggate
Ship Inn yard, Back of Shambles
Shore's yard, Timble bridge
Short street, Albion street
Shoulder of Mutton yd Old Shamb.
Sidney street, Vicar lane
Silver street, Water lane
Simpson's fold, Bridge end
Skinner lane, North street
Skinner Street, Bean Ing
Slip Inn yard, Back of Shambles
Smalpage's yard, Briggate
Smithies' Brick garth, Bank
Smithies' yard, York street
Smith's yard, 14, Kirkgate
Smithson's yard, Meadow lane
South bar, Bridge end
South parade, Park row
South row, Meadow lane
South row, North street
Speight's yard, Hunslet lane
Spence's yard, Upperhead row
Spital fields, Hillhouse Bank
Spring field, Water lane
Springfield, Woodhouse lane
St. Ann's lane, Lady bridge
St. Ann's street, St. Peter's square
St. George's street, Vicar lane
St. James's court, Harper street
St. James's place, St. James's street
St. James's street, Woodhouse lane
St. John's place, New street
St. John's street, Lady bridge
St. Peter's hill, Old Bradford road
St. Peter's square, Duke street
Stainburn's field, Top close
Stanley's yard, Lady lane
Stansfield's yard, Kirkgate
Stead's yard, Ebenezer street
Steander, Nether mills
Steel's yard, Duke street
Stock's fold, Mill street, Marsh lane
Stone fIatts, Quarry hill
Storey's fold, Quarry hill
Storey's yard, St. James's street
Sugden's court, Mill st. Marsh lane
Sugden's yard, Marsh lane
Sun Fire Office yard, Briggate
Sunny bank, Cankerwell lane
Sweet street, Meadow lane
Sykes's row, York street
Sykes's yard, Hunslet lane
Sykes's yard York street
Swan Street, Cross parish
Swinegate, Leeds bridge

Talbot yard, Cross parish
Teale's yard, Lowerhead row
Templar lane, Lady lane
Templar street, North street
Thin Coal alley, Bank
Three Legs yard, Call lane
Thwaite gate, Hunslet
Timble bridge, bottom, of Kirkgate
Top close, Upper High street
Towlard's yard, Off street
Trafalgar street, North street
Trafalgar yard, Back of Shambles
Trinity lane, Bond Street
Tunstall's yard, Mabgate
Turkington's yard, St. Peter's sq.
Turkington's yard, High street
Turk's Head yard 52, Briggate
Turner street, Albion street
Turner's yard, Vicar lane

Union court, 28 Briggate
Union place, Burmantofts
Union row, Quarry hill
Union Street, Vicar lane
Upperhead row, Cross parish
Upper fold, Marsh lane head
Upper High street, Top close
Upton's yard, Briggate
Upton's yard, Off street
Urquhart's yard, 49, Briggate

Vicar lane, Kirkgate
Vickers's yard, 82, Briggate
Vickers's yard, St. Peter's square
Vine Street, Hunslet lane

Waddington's yard, 5, Briggate
Wade lane, Woodhouse Iane
Waite's yard, Upperhead row
Walker's yard, 23, Briggate
Walker's yard, Timble bridge
Warehouse hill, Call lane
Water hall, Water lane
Water lane, Bridge end
Water lane, Near Bank
Water Lodge, Water lane
Waterloo court, Quarry hill
Waterloo Street, Burmantofts
Watkinson's yard, Duke street
Watson's yard, Leylands
Weavers' square, Hillhouse Bank
Wellhouse place, Mill St. Marsh ln
Wellington court, Marsh lane
Wellington place, Little London
Wellington road, Quebec
Wellington street, Park lane
Well street, Bean Ing
West bar, Boar lane
West place, Park lane
West street, Quebec
Wheat Sheaf wharf, Simpson's fold
Wheat Sheaf yd. Back of Shambles
Wheeler's place, Mill st. Marsh In.
White Chapel yard, Hunslet lane
White Cloth Hall street, Call lane
White Cross Inn yard, 17, Briggate
White Hart yard, Market place
White Horse yard, Boar lane
White Swan yard, Cross parish
White's yard, Call Jane
Wigglesworth's yard, St. Peter's sq.
Wilk's place, Hunslet lane
Wilks's yard, Hunslet lane
Willan's yard, Mill hill
Williamson's yard, Marsh lane
Wilson's yard, Call lane
Wilson's yard, Ebenezer street
Wood's court, 47, Briggate
Wood's Court, Vicar lane
Wood's court, Water lane
Wood's fold, Amen corner
Wood Street, Vicar lane
Woodhead's yard, High street
Woodhouse bar, Upperhead row
Woodhouse lane, Upperhead row
Wormald's yard, 15, Briggate
Wormald's yard, Woodhouse lane
Wright's yard, York street

York bridge, York street
York buildings, Marsh lane
York Street, Duke st. & Kirkgate
York street, (new) Marsh lane hea






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